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Helz0ne Scans

I've made this page, as we're still getting a lot of people wondering what has happened to Helz0ne scans 404ing on this page. Helz0ne started in 2008, founded by Swedish dude named 'emer' back in the day (2008). It has since been relaunched as "Bulsajo" - though it appears even this re-launch only lasted 1-2 years ending in 2014.

I assisted hosting (and continue to do so!) Helz0ne - with their main releases being Psyren, One Piece, Fairy Tail, History's Greatest Disciple Kenichi, some ad-hoc Vampire - Rosario to Vampire Season II manga in addition to your main stream manga such as Bleach and Naruto.

In roughly 2009, the group enterred into the world of Korean Manga, going into Veritas, Zero and Witchcraft Troops. Finally near the end of 2011 into Gamaran, Popcorn Avatar. If you're looking for copies of the scans, they can be found online on most manga readers, I'd also suggest Manga Updates. 

For those on this page, I hope you've liked the mini history lesson - this group is a great memory of the past! I assisted with the translation for Player Kill - quite a random fighting manga.


Here's a rough list of releases - helz0ne manga scans had a lot of random chapters done at whim!


Korean Manhwa - a martial arts one, around a middle school 'boss' who wants to be strong. Ends up meeting a man called Lightning Tiger who becomes his mentor and shows him some special Ki techniques... This is how it all begins.  This is what the group was most famous for - they translated the entire Manhwa, all 10 volumes or 81 chapters. (Some collaboration with The Company to re-do some of the first chapters. 

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

A well known one, Kenichi about a weak school kid who ends up learning martial arts and getting involved in the 'secret' martial arts world. Helz0ne were a big patchy releasing on this one: Chapters 179, 198, 200, 258 - usually the first to release. 


Ah Psyren, did well Internationally but not so much in Japan, which is why it got cancelled unfortunately, leaving one unsatisfying ending.  A mystery manga, good stuff. Helz0ne released Chapters 17-35 for this manga as well as 124.

One Piece

Well this pirate anime is so well known I'm not going to give any details. There are of course many scanlators covering this one, so it was usually a spring to see who could release first! For this anime / manga the following chapters were released:  chapters 470, 497-514, 519

Rosario to Vampire

Rosario Vampire, a harem manga about a school full of monsters, with additional panty shots and fan service in the second season. helz0ne covered this initialy until other groups  covered this manga. helz0ne releases were: 4-15, 21 and 51


Marital Arts - based in the Edo period it's a classical I'm trying to be the most powerful if them all. A long one, with some decent action and art. Character development is average at best. Released by helz0ne, near the end of the group being active - with releases on Chapters, 44, 48-93

Fairy Tail

The list keeps going, here's the manga which they released at least one chapter for, in alphabetical order: 

Air Gear, Alice,  Asu no Yoichi!, Blazer Drive, Bleach, Blood Rain, Blood Soul, Buster Keel!, Code: Breaker, Daiya no A, Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Demon King, Devil Bride, Dragon Nest - Shungeki no Sedo, Embalming - The Another Tale of Frankenstein, Examurai, Fairy Tail, Gamaran, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, Hatsu Inu, Ibara no Ou, Infinite Blade, Kaitai Shinsho, Kandachime, Kekkaishi, Kimi no Iru Machi, Kokou no Hito, Minamoto-kun Monogatari, Monster Hunter Orage, Naruto, Nurarihyon no Mago, One Piece, Open Sesame, P.K (Player Kill), Popcorn Avatar, Psyren, Record of the Warrior, Red Erewhon, Rosario to Vampire, Rosario to Vampire - Season II, Round Shell, Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi, Sunny, Tegami Bachi, The Breaker - New Waves, Tista, Tokyo Bardo, Toriko, Toushin Toshi III, Ushio to Tora, Veritas, Witchcraft Troops, Zero, Zero: Circle of Flow

Feel free to browse the rest of the site, we've got a large range of Naruto Outfits and Bleach Cosplay Costumes. Also some of the more recent anime such as Re:Zero with some great maid costumes and dresses!